Audio New Testaments and Bibles in French

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All Bibles is your source for Audio Bibles. They offer great discount prices on almost all items, and they offer free shipping on orders. Products include Audio Bible players, Audio Bibles for iPod, Audio Bibles on CD and many more. They have Bibles in different languages. Please enter the word French in the search engine.


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Audio New Testaments and Bibles in French


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Faith Comes by Hearing

Listen to Audio Bibles in French at Faith Comes By Hearing. Audio Bibles are available in mp3 format and can be freely downloaded. Just click Free Audio Bibles the select a language (French). You can also choose which Bible you want to download. Please also click Store on the home page for more French titles.

Five Fish Mobi

Global Recordings Network

Get audio resources for evangelism and basic Bible teaching in French language at Global Recordings Network. Most resources can be downloaded for free. Look for these French resources at the Resources section or type French on their search engine.

La Bible / Ancien et Nouveau Testament (10 Audio Compact Discs in French) (French Edition)


Librairie Certitude

French Christian books, Bibles, DVDs,and audio products are available on this website. You can search for their items on their online catalog, or if you know the title of the product, you may search for it on their search engine.


Making the Good News accessible for all! MegaVoice is the creator of affordable, accessible audio Bible players. They are great for people with special needs,  the blind and visually impaired, oral learners, churches, mission trips, or for anyone on the go.  The MegaVoice audio database contains thousands of Scripture audio files in many languages for use on any of MegaVoice's solar-powered audio players.  MegaVoice also partners with Christian ministries looking to also make their own custom audio content available on

Scripture Earth


This website is where you can read and listen to the Bible in the language you prefer. The French Bible is available on this website.

World Bibles

Look for Bibles and New Testaments in French language at the World Bibles website. Some Bibles on this website are available online for free. They also have information on printed Bibles, Braille Bibles and Audio Bibles. Type French on the search engine on the home page.

World Christian Audio Directory
This site has information on Christian audio recordings in over one thousand languages.

French Christian Resources

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact